40 Days To Personal Revolution start September 23rd – November 4th at 6:30 pm- 7:30 pm

Course Designed by Baron Baptiste. This is a 6 week Program.

This Program gives you the tools you need to set yourself free to live a healthier life that you have always imagined.

First meeting September 23d on Tuesday at 6:30pm. $108 admission includes 6 weeks unlimited yoga classes.

New people are welcome. This Program is designed to clean your mind, body, and bring your life to the next level in your yoga experience.

Space is limited. Preregistration is required.

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Partner and Thai Yoga Workshop June 29th, 2pm-4:30pm

Join us for this event and start to experience something new like you have never experienced before!
During this workshop you will learn new poses with your partner, learn how to support each other and how to trust each other and have FUN!
We will close this event with short sequences of Thai yoga, which is very relaxing and rejuvenating.

Admission: $25 single, $30 with your partner( friend, spouse,
family member)
To reserve you spot in advance, please contact Yelena (920)540-8112

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New Tuesday and Thursday Lunchtime Classes available!

Tuesday and Thursday, 11:30-1:30 only.

30 minute classes $50 with 10 class package or $7 without package.

45 minute classes $65 with 10 class package or $8.50 without package.

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Basics Workshop May 18th 3:00pm-5:00pm

Whether you have never taken a class or have been practicing for a while and want to get back to the basics of the poses- this workshop is for you.

During this Workshop you will learn the basics of a power yoga practice.We’ll go through common poses, learn how to do them safely so you can get the most out of your practice.

You will get knowledge that will benefit you and your practice for years to come.

Admission: $25


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Spring is Kapha Season! Thursday, April 24th at 6:00pm

Join Kristine Froemming for Kapha Workshop and learn how to balance your Kapha Dosha.

Ayurveda classifies the seasons according to their predominant dosha. We are currently in the Kapha dosha. At this workshop we will talk about the Ayurveda doshas  with an emphasis on the Kapha dosha. We will also learn pranayama tecniques for the Kapha dosha and practice a Kapha balancing yoga sequence.

Admission: $15

Reserve your spot in advance.


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