Cancellation due to Family Emergency!

Due to Family Emergency 9 am and 12 pm classes are canceled for Friday, April 17th. We will resume classes tomorrow at 5pm. Thank you for your understanding!

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The Essential Yoga Program- Energy! Sunday, April 26th at 11:00am-1pm

Join us for this  all levels yoga workshop that incorporates doTERRA essential oils to create a unique Essential Yoga Experience. This  workshop was created mindfully to cleanse the mind, body and spirit and make room for the new. Specific doTERRA essential oils and blends will be used aromatically, topically and internally to focus on promoting the movement of stagnant energy through chakra alignment and different poses. This detoxifying workshop creates a deep, physical spring cleaning, leaving you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out.

Yoga Focus: Energy and Chakra alignment

$20 Fee- Pre-Registration required, SPACE IS LIMITED! Sign up today!

Tami Thomas, Carey Sorenson and Yelena Storma will introduce the Essential Yoga program in this unique two-hour workshop. Along with being a RYT, Carey has her doctorate in counseling psychology where she has been able to merge the two practices together to help her patients heal. Tami Thomas, Integrative  Nutrition Health Coach will be  teaching the essential oil portion of this workshop; as you will see she has a love for sharing her knowledge and passion for essential oils. Yelena, owner of Lotus Yoga and Vinyasa  RYT will be assisting with the poses and oils.


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Introductory Yoga For The Beginners with Yelena Storma on Wednesday, April 15th at 6:15pm-7:30pm

IMG_1533This Workshop is designed for people who are the beginners to yoga practice or people who have never done yoga before. Yelena will walk you through the basic yoga poses and show you how to align your body and enjoy your practice without pain and discomfort. You will gain a strong  foundation of yoga while incorporating yoga breathing.

Please bring your yoga mat, water, towel and your great attitude!

Look forward seeing you!

$10 Fee Pre-registration  required. SPACE IS LIMITED! Sign up today! Please call Yelena to reserve your spot (920)540-8112 or email


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Happy Easter Everyone! Please note schedule change!

Happy_Easter_Bunny_Transparent_Clipart[1]We would like to announce that Lotus Yoga  will have Friday, April 3rd 9:00am morning class. No 5pm evening class for this Friday due to Good Friday! Lotus Yoga will close Saturday, April 4th and Sunday, April 5th for Easter. We will resume all classes Monday, April 5th.

Have a blessed Easter! May the spirit of our Lord and savior fill your life with family, friends and love!

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Pose Of The Week Child’s Pose (Balasana)

IMG_1473Child’s Pose is our next pose and every student loves this pose. It is associated with a relaxing comfortable place: home, protection,” letting go” and at the same time surrendering to the present moment, surrender to Mother Earth and taking time to reconnect to ourselves and acceptance of our presence. Life can bring us to our knees, but more importantly to feel your inner power. When life gets you down, get up from your knees and start your life again and again, never giving up!

– From Downward Facing Dog come to your  arms and your knees;

-Drop forehead to the floor, extending your arms out front of you and spreading fingers wide;

-Spread your knees wide and  level with what your body allows you to do, keeping big toes  touching if possible. Otherwise, it is not a big deal to keep little distance between your toes;

-Push butt towards your heels, relaxing your face, mind and entire body;

-Allow gravity to open your hips more and wash away your stress from the entire day and trust the process.

Enjoy your pose and remember we need to take a break when we are tired and be ready for the next experiencing  step in our life and  yoga journey!

” There is a hope of finding something. One doesn’t proceed in darkness, but takes a lighted candle, which is sadhana (practice). The more you step  forward, the more the path appears in the light of that candle”

-Baba Hari Das


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