Celebration of 7th Year Anniversary of Lotus Power Yoga Thursday, November 20th at 5:30pm-8:00pm

We honor our friendship with Lotus Yoga  friends during our 7 year journey and we are grateful to grow together, experiencing strength and vitality through the gift of yoga. To give back to the community, we would like to invite you for free 5:30pm class on this day and you are welcome to join us for the party after class and meet the Lotus Yoga family, make new friends and enjoy your time! If you are new to yoga, no worries, no stress and no pressure. Just stop by  and have fun! Bring your friends, family member and your great attitude!

No 7pm class due to this event.


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Partner Yoga and Thai Massage Workshop with Yelena on Sunday, November 23d at 1pm-4pm

Partner yogaYou are welcome to attend this workshop,to enjoy  spending time with your partner and learn how to trust each other and support each other during balancing poses. Learn new poses and have fun! On the second part of the workshop you will learn some  Thai massage techniques and experience deep relaxation and reduce your stress . New people are welcome!!!

Admission: $40 with your partner, friend, family member ($20 per person), $25 single ( if you don’t have a partner we will find one for you).

Preregistration and payment are required at studio or call  Yelena (920)540-8112 to reserve your spot in advance.

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Gong Meditation Workshop with Michael Bettine Wednesday, December 3rd 6pm-7:15pm

This session is all about sound and its effects on the human body and energy system. The Gong’s vibration can help balance and cleanse the energy in your body. They work at a cellular level and can help with stress, fatigue, depression, anger, and blocked energy. The vibration can release blockage at the Chakras and other energy point. People are encouraged to bring a Yoga mat and /or blanket on which they can sit or lie, while allowing the healing vibrations to wash over them.

Michael has been playing percussion for over 30 years, and today concentrate on working with Gongs, Singing Bowls, and other metal percussion. In 2000, he created GONGTOPIA as a means of expressing his ideas, and has toured and recorded extensively since.

Admission: $20

For more information about Michael Bettine, please visit: www.gongtopia.com

All evening classes have been canceled  due to this workshop.

Registration and payment is required to reserve your spot!

Join us, bring your friends and relax before  busy winter time!


For any questions please contact Yelena (920)540-8112 or lotusyogaonline@gmail.com

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40 Days To Personal Revolution start September 23rd – November 4th at 6:30 pm- 7:30 pm

Course Designed by Baron Baptiste. This is a 6 week Program.

This Program gives you the tools you need to set yourself free to live a healthier life that you have always imagined.

First meeting September 23d on Tuesday at 6:30pm. $108 admission includes 6 weeks unlimited yoga classes.

New people are welcome. This Program is designed to clean your mind, body, and bring your life to the next level in your yoga experience.

Space is limited. Preregistration is required.

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Partner and Thai Yoga Workshop June 29th, 2pm-4:30pm

Join us for this event and start to experience something new like you have never experienced before!
During this workshop you will learn new poses with your partner, learn how to support each other and how to trust each other and have FUN!
We will close this event with short sequences of Thai yoga, which is very relaxing and rejuvenating.

Admission: $25 single, $30 with your partner( friend, spouse,
family member)
To reserve you spot in advance, please contact Yelena (920)540-8112

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