Pose Of The Week Child’s Pose (Balasana)

IMG_1473Child’s Pose is our next pose and every student loves this pose. It is associated with a relaxing comfortable place: home, protection,” letting go” and at the same time surrendering to the present moment, surrender to Mother Earth and taking time to reconnect to ourselves and acceptance of our presence. Life can bring us to our knees, but more importantly to feel your inner power. When life gets you down, get up from your knees and start your life again and again, never giving up!

– From Downward Facing Dog come to your  arms and your knees;

-Drop forehead to the floor, extending your arms out front of you and spreading fingers wide;

-Spread your knees wide and  level with what your body allows you to do, keeping big toes  touching if possible. Otherwise, it is not a big deal to keep little distance between your toes;

-Push butt towards your heels, relaxing your face, mind and entire body;

-Allow gravity to open your hips more and wash away your stress from the entire day and trust the process.

Enjoy your pose and remember we need to take a break when we are tired and be ready for the next experiencing  step in our life and  yoga journey!

” There is a hope of finding something. One doesn’t proceed in darkness, but takes a lighted candle, which is sadhana (practice). The more you step  forward, the more the path appears in the light of that candle”

-Baba Hari Das


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The Essential Yoga Program – Alignment, March 29, 2-4pm,2015!


Join us for an all-levels yoga workshop that incorporates doTERRA essentials oils to create a unique Essential Yoga experience. A head-to-toe restorative practice will be our focus as we use the oils and movement to move stagnant energy, detoxify the body and restore equilibrium. Specific doTERRA essential oils and blends will be used aromatically, topically and internally as we focus on aligning ourselves with the core of our being. You will enjoy this beautiful combination of oils and a wonderful, new yoga experience!

Sunday, March 29
2:00 – 4:00pm
Yoga Focus: Yin or Head-to-Toe Restorative
$20 Fee – Pre-registration required.
SPACE IS LIMITED! Sign up today!
Pre-Register by contacting Yelena at  lotusyogaonline@gmail.com

Lotus Yoga Studio
770 South Main Street, Suite 25
Fond du Lac, WI 54935
Questions? Call 920-418-5418

Tami Thomas, Carey Sorenson and Yelena Storma will introduce the EssentialYoga program in this unique two-hour workshop. Along with being a RYT, Carey has her doctorate in counseling psychology where she has been able to merge the two practices together to help her patients heal. Tami Thomas, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach will be teaching the essential oil portion of this workshop; as you will see she has a love for sharing her knowledge and passion for essential oils. Yelena, owner of Lotus Yoga and a Vinyasa RYT will be assisting with the poses and oils.

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Welcome to Lotus Yoga!

IMG_1501Welcome everyone! Lotus Power Yoga is excited to move to our new location in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin! Our yoga and massage studio is located at 770 South Main Street, Suite 25, inside the Cobblestone Square building.
Lotus Power Yoga invites yogis of all skill levels to be a part of our growing community. Our mission is to show, inspire you to experience personal freedom and start to better enjoy your life, yourself and take your life to the next level spiritually, emotionally and physically without any regrets, judgments or doubts. Life is too short, let’s begin by taking the first step towards your health and happy being!
We commit to provide a safe, welcoming environment, sharing our experiences, and growing together!
Namaste, Yelena
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March Special!!!

March is here and we are excited about it! We are close to SPRING!

To help you to leave all emotional stress and physical tightness of your body from winter and renewing yourself for the next season, we have special offers for you:

-Join us for yoga class, bring your friend and get 2 free yoga classes!

-If you refer one person for massage, you will get 50% off for your massage!


Please book your massage appointment by calling Yelena (920)540-8112 or emails lotusyogaonline@gmail.com

This offer will expire March 31st!

We hope to see you soon!

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Pose of the week Downward-Facing Dog ( Adhomukha Svanasana)

IMG_1474We are continuing our  education on how to get  the appropriate alignment and start to enjoy your pose and yoga practice.  Downward Facing Dog is the most challenging pose for the beginners. New people have a hard time to avoid tension and pain from wrist area, they experience instability from foundation of their arms and legs and experiencing  heaviness of all body. Let’s explain with details what we can do to get Happy Downward- Facing Dog!

– From forward fold, bend one of your knee’s and step back approximately 4ft one leg at a time ;

-Keep your palms about 2-3 ft apart, distance between your feet is the same  as that between  your palms;

-Raise your heels, tighten the muscles at the top of your thighs and pull your kneecaps in;

-See if it’s possible to bring your heels down, if not, no worries, just work from what is possible;

-To avoid tension on your wrist area pressing between your index finger and thumb, spreading fingers wide.  Your three fingers are free;

-Pull your inner arms up from the elbows to the shoulders, moving ribs towards your legs;

-Move deltoids into the shoulders and lift your shoulder blades ;

-Pull belly in to flattening your lower back.

There you go! Enjoy your pose,  do this pose without any judgment . We are judgmental all the time in our life, not focusing on the present moment which distracts us from ourselves, our senses , abilities and possibilities. Start to enjoy your pose, letting go everything that is bothering you and letting the light shine through!

Benefits:Slow down the heart beat, calms the brain and gently stimulates the nerves, reduces stiffness in the shoulder blades and arthritis in the shoulders joints, relieves pain in the heels and strengthens the ankles, and tones the legs.

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